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I’ve been reviewing some of the tutorials online and I wanted to compliment you. It seems to be one of the most well thought out applications that I’ve seen. Good job!

Brian Hebert, FASTSIGNS, USA

This is one of the best FM programs I have seen in my 18 years working in FileMaker.

Mike Starks – CEO, Personal Trainer Food, Fort Worth, Texas, USA

I absolutely love your software. I love the interface and I love the idea of being able to customize it and the mobile app. I have dabbled in Filemaker Pro databases and designing our own….but love your template and structure.

Kara Haas, REMMCO, Inc. PA, United States

Job Pro has allowed us to expand while still keeping control of costs and processes. The ability to modify the system and use mobile devices to share and update data has been a big plus. Support has been extremely impressive with quick and detailed response times to every query. It’s cross platform compatibility and the responsive support team has made the implementation of Job Pro across our enterprise a smooth transition.

David Stewart, TCM Offshore LLC, Houston, Texas, USA

Kudos to the JobPro Central team! After extensive research into different database solutions, I chose JobPro as my database preference. My initial contact with David O’Donnell was informative and I was convinced that David and his team could provide the solution I needed. Having used another custom Filemaker solution for years, I felt the need to move to another level where we could implement online surveys, job tracking, SMS messaging to our clients and employees, shipment integration with FedEx and more. David promised these solutions for my company and I haven’t been disappointed. I have had the privilege of working with David, Sharon, and Mark. Each developer brings to the table their own set of skills. David is always available when I have a general question and quickly answers with an email or phone call. Sharon has been my main contact to make custom changes to the JobPro shell and I am very satisfied with the progress. I like her willingness to work “under my microscopic” and although we are 5,000 miles apart, I often think she is in the next office due to her friendly attitude and responsivness. Mark created the online surveys for my company and completed numerous calendar changes as well. You can tell that Mark is an expert in his field as he offered sound advice how to best solve the problem at hand. We still have many changes to implement but I’m confident that the progress will be swift and I will have everything I need in JobPro. I highly recommend JobPro and I look forward to a longstanding relationship with the entire team at JobPro Central.

Jim Kelm, Studio 1, Rancho Cucamonga, CA USA

Currently we are transitioning from the old ways of doing paper work which is in a few different areas, by using JobPro all our required paper works are in one place, which keeps everything organized. It’s quite a well thought out system which eliminates a lot re-entering and keeps everyone in the loop with everything that is going on. We’re still trying to figure out a few more things and still learning new things from the system. All in all, I’m quite satisfied with JobPro.

Tai Bui, Angel Glass – Vancouver Canada

I am a FileMaker developer and in my opinion JobPro is the best off the shelf database program available. I would estimate to have this program built from scratch as a developer like myself would do, would cost in the neighbourhood of 38,000$ Canadian. Some of the features it has are just not found prebuilt anywhere else…such as choice of 8 languages to work in; Gantt charts; The most detailed time log in and out of any job to the minute in precision (I use it every day all day for my staff and myself. The many reports on the hours worked by staff are everything one would want); I estimate about 100 different reports available of every sort and accessible in an easy to find and print way and a lot more. I will leave the reader to investigate the product to know more. I use JobPro every day. It is really something. It is so complete that I think almost any business could purchase it in the evening and have it on the network the next morning in use by staff. One other thing is the extensive training videos. Last time I counted there were 40 videos covering every aspect of the program. This is an in-depth program ready to put in use. Your product is extraordinary for comprehensiveness. Maybe this is the best pre-packaged product I have seen in my 15 years programming FileMaker. As a FileMaker programmer myself I fully recommend this product. Thank you.

Howard Haimovitch, President, Efficiency Analysts Group (EAG) Inc., Chelsea, Quebec, Canada

Congratulations for a fantastic looking, state of the art FileMaker application! I sincerely hope you will win lots of awards for it. JobPro Central has been around for many years, and it just gets better and better. I’m recommending JobPro to all of my clients without the slightest hesitation.

Michael Huber, Rheinport Media Inc. (Certified FM Developer, FM Business Alliance Member), New York, USA

After years of searching for the perfect organizing software, I have found JobPro Central! I am impressed with the range of features and how quickly I’ve seen positive results in my workflow. As a successful business woman of a small graphic design firm, I know my time is better spent on billable hours rather than making to-do lists, billing, and searching through my rolodex. Kudos to JobPro for knowing just what a creative person needs to step up to the next level. JobPro is the tool that builds a focused, easy-to-use management system that is keeping me on track with my jobs, clients and billing. Well worth the price!

Vicki Moser | CopperMoon Design. Portland, Oregon USA

Starting a new job is hard. Starting a new job in a field that you have never worked before is even harder. JobPro was one of the easiest applications that I learned in a short period of time. I read and interacted with the tutorial. Then within a matter of minutes I was creating new accounts and closing out old ones. I have had only one problem since I started. I sent the help center an e-mail and the next morning I was on the phone with Stuart Grimes. He took me step by step on how to fix it. I would recommend JobPro to most businesses! Thank you again for your ease of use and prompt help when needed.

Crystal Outlaw, Design Workshop, Inc. – North Carolina USA

When software takes a corporation to the next level, the credit starts with the developer. Your fine work and ease of use has helped streamline our business operation. Thanks to JobPro, our customer service and overall efficiency is much improved. We have recommended JobPro to others because of our satisfaction with your product. Thank you for your excellent service.

Michel Gelinas, Cooling Source, Inc. California USA

We reviewed a number of FileMaker based products on the market and determined JobPro was by far the best when it came to providing all the features we needed and intuitive ease of use. JobPro’s ability to create folders on the fly for document storage makes our document filing incredibly easy. By using the Google calendar function our managers can see across all employees and monitor progress on their assigned tasks. Having the tasks automatically update to the calendar makes our planning and scheduling much more efficient. JobPro allows us to organize all facets of our business with one piece of elegantly designed software.

Aaron Sones, EIMSI, Los Angeles, California, USA

In 2011, Johnson & Associates was a new, virtual, Intellectual Property law firm. Prosecuting patents and trademarks requires a very strong calendar and docket system to keep track of all the various dates. The docket and calendar of due dates are enormous due to worldwide prosecution. We are an all Mac firm and have used Filemaker Pro for many years to maintain other small databases so it was natural for us to search out a Filemaker Pro docket system. None existed that we could find. But we did find JobPro Central. We contacted them and they said that they could remodel their existing software to meet our needs. We were assigned an absolutely brilliant developer dedicated to this task. Unlike other “docket systems” available, our new software is, according to our attorneys (who come from various law firms), the best in the business and state of the art. JPC has provided us with not only a calendar and docket system, but a client management system as well. So while JPC for some may be a job tracking system for businesses that sell goods, they were able to modify their existing software to a completely new set of standards, needs and goals, all within about a 3 month time frame. Absolutely brilliant!

Lynn Freeman-Rees, Johnson & Associates, Georgia, USA

After 18 years of searching for dockets, tracking hours on scrap pieces of paper, and trying to create my own project management solution, we found something that works – JobPro Central! I couldn’t find a more intuitive, usable program that fits our companies needs in daily tracking of projects and big picture forecasts. Well done to Softouch Technologies.

Leslie Akse, Insite Design, Ontario, Canada.

As a Mac based enterprise, we needed a tool that would allow us to continue to work within the Mac environment; JobPro quickly rose to the top of the list. JobPro is an ideal solution for small and medium sized businesses looking to grow with or into an ERP system. JobPro has made it intuitive to move throughout their system and even easier to learn. JobPro is one of the best values in the ERP market, offering a strong software solution with a wonderful and clean interface, available customization options, and intelligent customer support staff. Setting up JobPro is simple and quick, which was critical for us as an existing business with massive amounts of historical data to import and the need to continue to service client orders on a daily basis throughout the transition. JobPro is helping us expand our international operations with strong currency solutions and communications tools. Anyone using FileMaker in other areas of their business will love the interface and integration that JobPro offers.

Marcus Bennett, Operations Manager, Starz, Inc., Foothill Ranch, California, USA

JobPro has made a big impact in both our Estimating and Project Management Department. Quotes are now done in minutes and notes, schedules and attachments can all be found in one place. It’s what we have been looking for and now we have it. Thanks JobPro!!!

Carlos Salinas P.S. Services, Inc. California, USA

We are an integrator business in a very specialized field of security (Technology : CCTV, Access control, Alarm). We found JobPro to be very easy to work with, it has become our centralized point for all of our daily activity. With only a few click of the mouse we are able to view our daily operation, contact, expenses, service call. Everything is easy to understand and we are since more pro-active. It helped us to improve our customer service. All our thanks go to the JobPro Central Team. Keep up the good work.

Guy Labrie, Director Technology, Sectek Inc., Montréal, Canada

Just wanted to say, ‘Great product!’ I bought my license the same day, after trying it for 30 minutes. As an international user of the JobPro Central software, I was originally concerned about the level of support I would receive. However, the guys at Softouch Technologies are the best! They promptly reply to all my emails with very complete, understandable, step-by-step directions. It was the best investment we ever made! Many thanks for such an outstanding product and service. I would not hesitate to recommend JobPro Central to anyone.

Mario Zamfir, MBA. Principal, Creative Director – Urban Design Associates LLC. Canada

I am amazed how easy it is to get help from you! Thank you so much for your prompt responses, each and every time!!! 🙂

Maria Marolda, General Manager, Rye Park Gaming, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

I’d like to give a shout out to Mark’s work on our behalf. He’s been a great collaborator, very quick, and he revises code rapidly and correctly. He’s also gone the extra mile for us, most recently yesterday when he stayed late to get some critical tweaks done for us. He’s a great ambassador for your business. Keep up the great work, Mark!

Dean Richardson, Envision Glazing Inc., Coquitlam, BC, Canada