Mobile app (JobPro2Go)

JobPro2Go gives offline remote users the ability to log time, costs/expenses/parts, notes and documents (inc photos and signatures) against jobs on an iPhone or iPad. The job in question can then be billed back to the customer from head office with all relevant costs accounted for. Check out the screenshots below for a look at our JobPro2Go app.
JobPro2Go is ideal for remotely logging job details for areas like repairs, servicing, maintenance, meetings, shipping, construction, engineers, contractors, etc

JobPro2Go key features:

  • Access data offline and sync up new data when possible
  • Sync down: Pull down an up-to-date list of your job related data to log time, expenses and other areas against those jobs.
  • Log time against jobs. Ideal for areas like remote meetings, repairs, maintenance work or any work out of the office.
  • Log expenses against jobs. For example, parts, consumables or any other costs or expenses.
  • Select from the list of default products/services pulled down from the Products module on the server.
  • Attach new documents to jobs. A document can be any type of file including photos and signatures captured on the device. This functionality is ideal for getting customer signatures, taking photos of work done, adding audio recordings or attaching any type of document accessible from the device.
  • Attach notes to jobs so all data relating to remote work done on jobs gets sent back to the main server.
  • Sync up: At any stage sync up new data to the server.
  • View a list of products and their main image/document from the main server. Ideal for viewing product documentation or manuals or just to see an image of a particular product/part.
  • Make phone calls direct from job records.
  • Send SMS messages direct from job records.
  • Send emails direct from job records.
  • Interact with Google Maps.
  • Easily customizable if needed.
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