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FileMaker Templates

Information management at its best – with FileMaker Pro

No matter what category of business you are involved in, managing information properly and efficiently is of the highest importance. Softouch specialise in developing user friendly multi platform FileMaker Pro database solutions to suit your needs.

Through analysis, database design, programming, testing, implementation, training and support, we will help your business become more productive by organising and automating your office.

Please contact us if you have a business or organisation which has a need for a database solution.

Below are some of the types of database solutions we have developed:

    • JobPro Central
    • College Central
    • Patient Central
    • Clinic Central
    • Interior Design System
    • Accounts
    • Payroll
    • Car Sales
    • Enquiries / Quotations
    • Contact Management
    • Production Job Cards
    • Time Clock Systems
    • Meeting Management
    • Personal Expenses
    • Personnel file
    • Procedures
    • Estate Agent Management
    • Task Management
    • Time Management
    • Marketing Database
  • Business Management Solution

    Softouch Technologies have developed a FileMaker Pro solution called JobPro Central which suits almost any type of organisation in managing their information.

    JobPro can be customised in any way to suit your needs, therefore saving you development costs as most of the work is already done.

    Visit the JobPro Central website for more information about JobPro.

    Features of JobPro include:

    • CRM / Contact Management
    • Prospect & Lead Management
    • Project Management, Planning & Tracking
    • Job Management
    • Budgeting
    • Job Costing
    • Scheduling Software
    • Task Management
    • Group Calendar
    • Time Management & Tracking
    • Document Management
    • Inventory & Stock Control
    • Quotations / Estimates / Proposals
    • Estimate requests
    • Sales Orders
    • Purchase Orders
    • Shipping & Dispatch
    • Sales Invoices
    • Letters, faxes, emails and marketing campaigns
    • Internal messaging
    • Gantt charts/reports
    • Make phone calls
    • Send SMS messages

    JobPro logo

  • College Central

    CollegeCentral is a system developed for the Irish Postgraduate Medical Training Bodies. College Central is a fully customisable, easy-to-use training college management system that will help you manage your organisations information and workflow more efficiently and effectively.

    Developed to be used on Windows, Macintosh and the web.

    For more information visit the College Central website.

    College Central manages areas including:

      • Membership
      • Training
      • Registration
      • Rotations
      • Exams
      • Events
      • CPD
      • Correspondence
      • Assessments
      • Way Points
      • Invoices
      • Payment Requests
      • Receipts
      • Hospitals (inc. inspections)
      • CRM

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