College Central

College Central

CollegeCentral is a fully customisable, easy-to-use training college management system that will help you manage your organisations information and workflow more efficiently and effectively.

Developed to be used on Windows, Macintosh and the web, CollegeCentral will allow your college to manage members, track trainee rotations/development/assessments, organise exams/events, track CPD and Log Book data, create invoices/receipts and so much more.

Key Features at a glance

  • Calendar networked system.
  • Contact management, including Training & Rotations, organisation of all your contacts, hospitals & organisations, mail, faxing and messages, accounts and documentation.
  • Make phone calls and send SMS messages.
  • Store your own templates so you can quickly create letters, emails, faxes or mailshots using default text.
  • Training & Rotation module allowing for the management of any rotational training scheme including the ability to setup various different training programmes.
  • Exam and Event Management modules where you can manage exams and other events and their attendees. These will be used for logging exam results for each trainee. Functionality includes managing attendees, creating invoices and taking related payments for events.
  • Registration & Rotation designed for the entry and lookup of membership / registration details for a contact including current subscription and previous subscription invoices.
  • CPD and WAY Points management suitable for anyone involved in training schemes
  • Assessments are a configurable, user generated questioner for an Assessor / Tutor based on a trainees performance during a rotation.
  • Invoicing and Receipts for Subscriptions, Event bookings. The ability to create custom Revenue headings on invoices to allow for grouping of various revenue streams.
  • Control what users can see or do in each module using access privileges.
  • Document management. Requires additional plug-in.
  • Link to your accounts or payroll software if required.
  • Remote access if required so you can view, modify or add information from just about anywhere.

For more information about College Central please visit the website here.