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After years trying to make myself an application in Filemaker to manage all instances of our work, I bound JobPro. I am really amazed how David did such a complete and efficient application. Every thing is solved in such a practical and logical way. It is amazing to see all the time and effort involved in creating JobPro. Great application, Thank you, It solves all our CRM needs, and it saved me lots of time.

Enrique Guzmán, Bogotá, Colombia

After an extensive search for a software that could help me run my print shop, I was relieved when I accidentally found JobPro Central on a Google search. Before JobPro Central we were struggling with quotations never been followed up or invoiced, with discrepancies between purchase orders, inventories and suppliers invoices, extra hours not been reported and charged, and all because tasks were done by different people with different tools. Some quoted in spreadsheets programs, others in design programs and everybody had their own set of templates. It was a big mess, and our business gamut doesn’t help; we do typical jobs like decals, banners, signs and vehicle wraps, to very unusual jobs like building giant xmas trees and seasonal decorations for shopping centres.

Since we purchased JobPro Central, it has become the one and only application that keeps it all together. We now run things very smoothly, lowering our mistakes and inconsistencies to practically zero, and we now have instant access to vital information from all parts of the business in the same database. Keeping everybody informed from deadlines to credit limits, special inquiries to repetitive jobs has become crucial to making my business more profitable and successful.

The staff at Softouch Technologies has been great with support, and I really recommend this software to any kind of business. It doesn’t matter if you run a Circus (like my business seemed to be before JobPro Central), an escort service or an event planning business, JobPro Central is the one and only software you’ll ever need!

Ernesto Cordero, Zitro Soluciones SA de CV, Mexico

For over the past 6 months I have enjoyed a pleasant journey using JobPro. I consider myself as a more creative person then someone who likes to enjoy inputting data, but this for me has been a very fine discovery. Over the past 11 years I spent most of the my time using boring and over complicated applications such as those from 4D, Omnis, Navision. JobPro does everything for our office and more. I will recommend anyone to download a demo copy and to witness ease of use, flexibility, and power all in one package.

Elvin Jasarevic, Japan Xpress inc., Funabashi City, Japan

I run a small translation business with 3 employees. About 2 years ago I started using Filemaker for CRM and in order to write invoices without having to duplicate input. But the database I was using soon proved too limited. I needed a better way to handle projects and external translators.

Over the last few months I looked at every FM database I could find. Many were lacking functions I wanted, some were prohibitively expensive and/or too complex. Other provided most of the function I needed, but had another serious flaw as far as I was concerned: their interface design.

JobProCentral may be too large and complex for my current needs, but it was the only one that offered all the functions I need at a reasonable price. And it helps me to run my business better than before … every day.
In my opinion it offers:

1) The best interface I have found – well-thought out, very consistent
2) Every function I need
3) A very responsive developer

And even though I might not need all it’s power right now, it will save me a lot of work (expenses), when the business expands. In particular when I start an online retail business in the not so distant future.

The initial price may be higher than that of less powerful databases, but I consider it money well invested for my daily work and the future.

Joern Gaedcke, German Business Consultants (Asia) Pte Ltd, Singapore

Our business effectiveness is mostly based in procedures’ automation.
Thus we have searched a lot for a software that could combine account management, project management, reporting and scheduling in an uncluttered environment, based on Mac Os with full technical support by a skilful team… and we were very demanding with regards to all of these prerequisites.

We are now convinced that Job Pro is the software we were looking for and the team supporting it a knowledgeable one, easily reachable and specific to their answers.
Running on FileMaker, with user friendly menus and with easy customization, Job Pro permits us to optimize production, on time project completion and account management.

We fully recommend it!

Thanasis Giamas, Managing Director, ATTUNE LTD, Athens, Greece

One hell of a database. I can clearly appreciate the hours of work that went into this development! You have done an excellent job with the product and the best by far for the “construction industry”.

I have 30 Years experience in mining projects. I have been involved in multimillion R projects internationally from Chile to Japan and a systems engineer by profession.
The approach for any project manager is to control the project , in budget and on time with quality excellence. JobPro certainly adds great value to a project with it’s ease of operation and job flow methods. Normal accounting packages just don’t offer such flexibility.

You can be in total control of the project with :

1. Your communication to suppliers , customers etc… Faxes letters emails are all imbedded nicely and now give functionality to a structured filing “path” on your Mac or PC or Server
2. Your cost control against set and specific budgets with variation order control
3. Purchase orders with locking ability to ensure security and validation
4. and all the other nice features I see
5. Time management for your staff and contracting staff on site
6. and off course very nice staff to work with when you require customization

Deon Kotze, Stonegroup Developments, South Africa

Our company works in the sphere of lighting design, deliveries and after-sales support of lighting projects. We decided to choose JobPro because it works on the Mac platform and gives us the possibility to customize it according to our particular requirements. General features implemented in JobPro allow us to manage our multi-stage business process such as projects containing a few orders, tracking the shipments, part invoicing and dispatching and so on. It has become a powerful and indispensable instrument for our entire company.

Vitalii Kaplunenko, Owner, Queensland LLC Kiev, Ukraine

JobPro software contains lots of useful applications, the program is easy to learn (we overpowered it after a few hours) and it’s very intuitive to use.

Before purchasing the program we have tried dozens of other apps and found JobPro to suits the best to our needs. The program works well on Apple Mac also which was very important for us.

We were so glad that it solved our problem of many different invoice’s series and many busines cards. Now we have all in one.

It is also nice to be able to send a calculation or purchase order by e-mail directly to the client or supplier with any attachment. It’s very easy to keep the office work with no paper, no folder and no full deposits. JobPro helps us to monitor our cash flow, cost incidental to pre-sales and post-sales, manage projects and it makes a central system of all our contacts and jobs.

The customer service support from the developers is absolutely perfect. We have always received reply almost instantly. They helped as with some nice modification in program as well as with broken data integrity (due to some crash of HD). They deserve for that many thanks!

By the way JobPro presents our company at more professional level. I have to say that JobPro makes the heart of our business now.

Martin Skotnica, AdZONE, ltd., Prague, Czech Republic

I have been a FileMaker Developer for a little over 10 years now, going back to Version 2 in July of 1994. Back then I took a twelve day sabbatical from the office to plan and build a comprehensive management system that would control every imaginable aspect of the our business. In the duration of the decade that has passed the refinement and enhancement has been ongoing. After ten years, what I thought was a complete integrated and comprehensive a system, pales in comparison to JobPro.

As a FileMaker developer I’m embarrassed to say I bought an open source JobPro license just so that I could copy some of what has been implemented and our system still does not rival the degree of integration in JobPro.

As an Authorised Apple centre we are constantly in contact with customers looking for a business management solution similar to ours. Without a second thought we promote and sell JobPro as I have yet so see a system which is as ‘all-encompassing’, well done JobPro.

Garren James, Computer Colour Concepts, South Africa

Vladex b.v. is a trading and manufacturing company from The Netherlands working with food products. Already several years we are working with FileMaker program and till now we used several database applications operated under FileMaker.

To manage our production and trading activities we decided to take a trial version of JobPro Central. After only 14 days we decided to purchase full version of this program with full access licence and till now we are more than satisfied with the program itself but also with support from our contact person from JobPro.

Easy to learn, easy to work with is something our company and our employees needed. Beside all other benefits we have working under JobPro Central we would like to point out that everything can be changed in no time to personal wishes and personal ideas of company management.

We recommend this system to all trading companies as well to manufactures and companies doing re-packaging. We insure you that for low costs you will get a perfect program to manage your business.

Vladimir Cosic, Vladex b.v., The Netherlands

Powerful, Logical, Extensive. We were already convinced on finding a solution which was developed with the powerful FileMaker line of cross-platform products. After testing numerous systems, we came across JobPro Central and were pleasantly surprised at its design and functionality. Most other systems appear to have been developed in the stone ages. JobPro Central is clean and feels good when you use it. We were convinced after a few hours and since two months in production have not found a single bug or experienced anything unpleasant.

JobPro Central proves its worth with extensive functions, logical workflow and extremely useful customization capabilities. While other systems promised to be more specific to our needs, we found JobPro handles all our mailing, prospecting, administrative, project management, quoting, ordering, delivery and billing needs…and this in a country where our customers require their documents in three languages.

We are pleased with our investment in JobPro Central and look forward to utilizing more of its power to expand our business in the coming years.

Richard Gelles, Managing Director, Insensation, Interior Design Systems, Switzerland